Loans and distraint

The most common reason for execution is non-performing loans. Unpaid fines for black driving are only in second place.

One of the most common reasons for distraint is loans. Be it from bank loans or even non-bank loans. Immediately on the ground of execution are unpaid fines from public transport or various arrears for gas, electricity or television fees. Last year alone (2011), more than 1 million executions were ordered in the Czech Republic. According to current figures, it seems that in 2012 the total number of executions will be at least as high.

Are you taking a loan? Beware of execution!


It is the loans that people do not manage to repay, which are among the most common reasons for execution. There are two main problems. The first is the case where people have more loans or loans that they no longer manage to repay.

And so they try to borrow more money just to have the repayments on another loan. But this is a vicious circle, which sooner or later leads only to people being unable to repay anything. Then they only await execution or personal bankruptcy.

Beware of loan guarantees


Another problem may be when you borrow money for someone else or when you guarantee a loan. A request from someone you know, or from a family, “I just need you to guarantee me” can be very dangerous. There is no such thing as a “guarantee only”.

If you act as guarantor for a loan, you assume all responsibility for the loan. If the principal borrower is unable to pay its obligation, the bank (or non-bank company) will automatically request the full amount from you. You do not have to know at all that your friend has stopped paying the loan and the bailiff will knock on your door, or you will be blocked from your bank account or you will be charged with execution.

Execution can make the loan more expensive


If you take out a loan and stop repaying it, it can cost you a lot. As soon as you stop paying your regular payments, your bank will usually start sending you reminders. Sending a reminder (first or second) often costs 300 or 500 USD. The bank may charge you additional fees when it prompts you to pay the full amount of your loan immediately.

If your bailiff takes over your loan, the total debt increases by additional charges – bailiff costs, lawyers’ fees, court fees, and more. The loaned amount of USD 50000 can thus quickly become a debt of USD 100,000 or more.

How to avoid execution?

Perhaps there is no clear advice. However, the experts on financial issues generally agree that before making a loan, every person should calculate whether they can afford to repay. If you live from paycheck to paycheck, without a financial reserve, it is definitely not recommended to borrow money for expenses such as holidays or buying gifts. If you have no financial reserve, you should limit yourself to your expenses.

When you have to borrow money, it should be for something that doesn’t lose its value – a car, a house, an apartment. You can always sell a car or an apartment when you get into repayment problems in the future. If you spend money on vacation, there is no longer a way back and you only have to pay back.

Good Finance loans on the bill

Beware of Good Finance non-bank loans – sign a blank bill may not pay off. Recently almost 20,000 people flew this way.

More than 20,000 people flew fraudsters who offered loans for bills of exchange. After most of the borrowers have paid the bill in full, the credit firms want to pay more money.

Although it is a Good Finance act, these people have no chance in court. Only the Regional Court in Brno deals with more than 3,000 similar Good Finance loans for a bill of exchange. And most objections must be rejected by the courts.

How to find a cheater easily and quickly

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Over the past few years, many people (allegedly more than 20,000 clients) have borrowed money from two non-banking companies. These were credit companies Fast Finance and Finpomoc. These companies provided people with advantageous non-bank loans. But with the loan, they demanded that people sign a blank bill in addition to the contract. It served as a pledge for borrowed money. If the debtor did not repay the installments on time, the company would recover money by means of a promissory note. This is a fairly common practice used by many more serious companies.

Many of these people, who borrowed and guaranteed money on the loan, paid their loans on time and in order. But now it is not enough to wonder if a completely different company sues them and asks them to pay the whole amount again.

This is despite the fact that the loans to which these bills were issued are already paid. Now they are recovering people from Gorasan Company Limited, Renegade North and Cacton Limited.

Prevent this and tolerate Good Finance loans for promissory notes?


Although most victims try to defend themselves in court, they are unlucky. The court received from the enforcement companies an application for an order for payment. Since there is nothing on the bill of exchange that prevents the issuance of a payment order, they have no choice but to do so. The main problem is that the bill of exchange does not indicate the amount, nor does it state that it is a loan guarantee.

Although at first glance it is an obvious fraud and an attempt to enrich people who have borrowed money, the law is designed to be more Good Finance in this situation.

The only chance of all damaged clients


Is that they would have to prove in court that the original owner of the bill and who is now enforcing it are somehow connected. However, they have only 3 days to file similar objections. And getting the necessary evidence within 3 days is a superhuman task for most of these victims.

Although the case is being investigated by the police on suspicion of fraud, this may take a long time and it is not clear whether the police will accuse someone. In the meantime, people will have to pay their loan for the second time, otherwise they may face execution.

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